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Attachment Styles Essay

What are connection styles? There are four connection styles, in which incorporate secure connection, on edge engrossed connection, pretentious avoidant connection, and dreadful avoidant connection. A connection design is shaped during adolescence and proceeds onto adulthood and capacities with regards to how you structure connections. These connection styles may change after some time or remain the equivalent, everybody has a connection style. â€Å"Dr. Phillip Shaver and Dr. Cindy Hazan found that around 60 percent of individuals have a safe connection, while 20 percent have an avoidant connection, and 20 percent have a restless attachment.†(Firestone, 2013) In secure connection grown-ups will in general be increasingly fulfilled and cheerful in their connections. They offer help to their accomplice when required and furthermore request bolster themselves when they need assistance. A relationship with secure connection will in general be straightforward and equivalent, and the two accomplices are free, yet cherishing towards one another. â€Å"Securely joined couples don’t will in general participate in what my dad, clinician Robert Firestone, portrays as a â€Å"Fantasy Bond,† a fantasy of association that gives a misguided feeling of safety.†(Firestone, 2013). In kids with a safe connection consider their to be as secure and they can autonomously investigate the world. At the point when a grown-up has an on edge connection they are frantic to discover somebody to save or complete them. They frequently become tenacious in light of the fact that they are searching for wellbeing and security. Now and again they begin doing activities that begin to drive their accomplice away, for example, being uncertain about their accomplice leaving them and they begin being possessive. Rather than framing genuine love or trust they sort of simply become over the top, and structure a dream relationship. In contrast to restless connection grown-ups, individuals with cavalier connection will in general separation themselves from their accomplices and can without much of a stretch turn their feelings off. Grown-ups with a frightful connection style are apprehensive from being excessively close orâ too far off from others. Typically grown-ups with this connection are flimsy with their feelings and wind up in enthusiastic tempests. There states of mind can be effectively change. This could cause a sensational or rough relationship and can even prompt a damaging relationship. They fear being relinquished but on the other hand fear getting the opportunity to suggest. As I referenced before these connection styles you gain them from your youth, yet they can be extraordinary or change as you become more established and begin framing associations with an accomplice. It is critical to discover what your connection style is so you can frame a decent relationship and expect to have a safe connection style. On the off chance that you have one of the negative connection styles, treatment is one choice to assist you with changing your connection. Additionally finding an individual who has a safe connection style you can take a shot at creating yourself in that relationship. Sources Firestone, Lisa. â€Å"How Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationship.† Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist. N.p., 30 July 2013. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. .

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Corporate Social Responsibilities report Assignment

Corporate Social Responsibilities report - Assignment Example The organization guarantees ecological supportability through consolidating best practices which diminishes sway on condition. Wendy is progressively worried about individuals and has confidence in giving a bonus to partners separated from offering predominant quality food decisions. This association serves neighborhood networks and takes dynamic measures to limit any type of cultural issues. Actually, the Subway framework is slanted towards giving more advantageous and scrumptious food decisions. The organization endeavors to decrease natural effect and structures powerful projects for nearby networks. Reasonable sourcing is one of the corporate social duty exercises embraced by the organization. It keeps up a severe code for sellers and smoothes out gracefully chain exercises. Wellbeing gauges and high food quality are kept up by the association and they are engaged with lessening water protection, vitality use, and so forth. They even serve nearby networks through huge number of g ifts and sponsorships. Metro is a functioning member in setting of stretching out help to instructive establishments and neighborhood noble cause. Wendy’s and Subway shapes a significant piece of the food business. The organizations are effectively engaged with giving better quality nourishments than clients. Nourishment and wellbeing norms are thought about while fabricating food items. Natural maintainability is a typical methodology embraced by both the organizations. There are various practices embraced by the organizations so as to improve natural manageability. Natural cordial practices are basic for both the associations. They are effectively enjoyed lessening level of water or vitality protection. This is a significant corporate social duty approach and it should be centered around by all organizations. Anyway both the organizations have started various projects in order to guarantee that their

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GAP Competitive Analysis

Hole Competitive Analysis Data assets: The exploration has been founded on industry and showcasing data from Mintel, Verdict Research, and Fame, which has been broke down utilizing diverse vital hypothetical structures, for example, the PESTEL investigation, Porters completive powers and blue sea methodologies, among others. (2) The general vital situation of GAP Inc. in UK: The article is essentially centered around two of its the sub brand of GAP Inc., which are GAP, and Banana Republic, breaking down the technique of both working circumstance. what are the favorable circumstances, for example, the development ongoing financial year 2009, piece of the overall industry? Appropriation channels? Gracefully chain arrange? What are the hindrances? What are the methodologies that GAP Inc. should take? for example Hole needs to change the item to offer to a progressively popular and separated style one and go to its underlying image personality of offering design forward clothing to a protected style buyer. Presentation (1) Fashion retail showcase The large scale condition of style retail advertise. Expendable style is dead, says Carl McPhail, which implies the customers will more esteem the quality and the manageable of the garments. Online business pattern Market request: solid? The entire world worth chain is changed (2) The motivation behind the paper The motivation behind the paper is to survey Gap serious and key circumstance given this new market structure. This investigation will be founded on the distinctive vital and showcasing hypothetical structures, so as to give the fundamental business proposals to the organization for prevail in the UK advertise. (3) The structure of the article This paper is sorted out in 4 areas. The principal area assesses the primary writing and systematic structures that will be utilized along this exploration. The subsequent segment presents the Gap contextual analysis as far as the companys foundation, the failing to meet expectations regions, and an exhaustive key and serious assessment of the outer and inside powers that influence this organization. The thirds part expresses the plan of the proposal methodologies dependent on the key circumstance examination of the organization. The last segment comprises of the finishes of the examination Hypothetical structure The hypothetical structure is for the most part dependent on Johnson et al. (2008), to dissect the key position and key decisions of an organization, it is important to assess the outside and inside condition that influences the association, as the vital exhibition of an association relies upon the matches between its inner assets and abilities and the chances and dangers that are available in nature (Day and Wensley, 1988, Porter 1991, Hunt, 2000). PESTEL Watchmen five powers Blue sea methodology And all the hypotheses are closed into the structure of SWOT as the general investigation of the case The above examination will help figure out what serious methodologies to receive so as to increase an economical bit of leeway in UK advertise. Hole Case study Foundation The Gap Inc., a brand that had been consolidated in the USA. As a worldwide strength retailer, the companys scope of apparel depends on conventional US easygoing attire, with an attention on shirts, hooded tops, pants and denim. It has 142 GAP retail locations in the UK. Hole is situated for a wide scope of clients through its product offerings, which including Gap, GapKids, babyGap, GapMaternity and GapBody, and offers notable American style for all age who are searching for something with great quality and exemplary style. The organization additionally expanded its range throughout the years to incorporate ranges, for example, Gap Maternity, GapKids, babyGap and GapBody before the finish of the survey time frame. (Euromonitor International, 2010) For the childrens wear part, the organization likewise collaborated with UK fashioner Stella McCartney so as to create a range for its Baby Gap and GapKids Outlets. Hole was once viewed as the first US style brand in the UK, with a Gap Hoodie being a compulsory closet staple for some chic purchasers. Be that as it may, this situating slipped towards the finish of walk 2010, and the brand needed to rival an expanding number of US brands for design cognizant devotees, for example, Abercrombie Fitch and its sister image Hollister. Moreover Jack Wills, a British easygoing wear supplier, turned out to be progressively mainstream with more youthful shoppers, with who Gap was generally famous (Euromonitor International, 2010). The retailer fabricated its worldwide development on nuts and bolts, however has battled to match quick form. (Jeremy Lee, 2008 p19). Hole work inside the UK showcase that is looking for included worth that something other than essential and maintainable, and contenders inside the style advertise are dynamic and radical too. One obstacle to Gaps development was its hesitance to work inside powerful and gainful web retailing, which to a great extent restrained its development in a long haul. With no alternative to purchase Gap attire and footwear on the web, many won't hold up until their next outing to the high road to purchase Gap pants. They will rather essentially buy pants online from another retailer. Holes choice to band together with and sell its products online shows that the organization knows that it is inadequate in this channel. Subsequently, Gap may dispatch its own UK web retailing website soon, should its course of action with demonstrate productive.

Crude Oil Essay -- Papers

Unrefined petroleum Unrefined petroleum is an intricate blend of hydrocarbon atoms framed over a large number of years when the remaining parts of infinitesimal ocean animals caught in silt were changed over by warmth and weight into unrefined oil. The most copious of these blends are the ones containing hydrogen what's more, carbon as it were. These hydrocarbons can take on various unique structures, for example alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. They fluctuate fit as a fiddle furthermore, thickness. By controlling these chains of hydrocarbons you can make any number of helpful substances as they are truly versatile. Anyway there are heaps of aggravates that additionally contain a portion of the following; oxygen, sulfur or nitrogen. The cleaner hydrocarbon mixes are the most required for these produce a higher temperature at the point when they are singed which is the essential use for it as it creates an overabundance measure of vitality when consumed and consequently is a valuable fuel. Different mixes with sulfur or nitrogen additionally have a high vitality at the point when consumed however they have a negative symptom as they make sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide when consumed and these mixes contribute towards corrosive downpour. Unrefined petroleum must be refined by fragmentary refining to isolate the short beneficial hydrocarbon chains from the more drawn out, less valuable ones before the mixes can be effectively utilized. Fragmentary refining is a method that depends on the distinction in breaking points of the chains of hydrocarbons to isolate them. It is explicit to such an extent that it can isolate the substances from one another in any event, when there is just a modest quantity of contrast between the breaking points of the substances. The raw petroleum is heat..., which are utilized to make synthetic concoctions. Or on the other hand the remaining from the refining tower is warmed 482Â °C, cooled with gas oil and quickly consumed in a refining tower. This procedure lessens the consistency of overwhelming weight oils and delivers tar. The other technique for breaking is called Catalytic Cracking and it employments an impetus to accelerate the breaking response. Impetuses incorporate zeolite, aluminum hydrosilicate, and bauxite. The hydrocarbons (just from the oil part) are warmed in the equivalent way yet the impetus accelerates the response by bringing down the bubbling purpose of the substance and permitting high sub-atomic mass alkanes to break into many low sub-atomic mass alkanes and a few alkenes. Since the bond breaking happens arbitrarily, a wide range of types of the substances are made, for example cyclo or extended isomers.

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Health Care Associated Infections and UK Screening Policy Essay

Social insurance Associated Infections and UK Screening Policy - Essay Example Microscopic organisms can make due in individuals without hurting them like they can keep on existing on the skin or in the gut. Some HCAIs are brought about by microorganisms when they really enter the body over the span of careful medications or wounds. Diseases are typically restored by anti-toxins. Be that as it may, in specific conditions, various microscopic organisms may get impervious to anti-toxins. This prompts confusions in treatment of those diseases. Anti-infection agents can possibly enhance the characteristic capacity to ensure the body against bacterial diseases. Anti-toxins shield the body from bacterial contaminations by eliminating microorganisms (bactericidal) or by stopping the procedure of their augmentation (bacteriostatic). Microscopic organisms change in accordance with anti-infection agents by achieving opposition qualities. Microorganisms with opposition qualities are not influenced by anti-microbials and proceed to endure and furthermore continue duplicating other microscopic organisms that are without obstruction qualities. The explanations behind which microorganisms get impervious to anti-microbials are as per the following. Over the top utilization of anti-microbials expands the likelihood of microscopic organisms to get impervious to them. Anti-infection agents were being utilized to treat ailment and diseases that are not reparable by them like influenza and cold. In the ongoing years the suggestion for anti-microbials has indicated a declining pattern by general doctors. Anti-infection agents courses are regularly left deficient. Individuals regularly leave the drugs seeing themselves as fit, paying little heed to the doctors’ informed timespan and doses with respect to anti-microbials. This imprudent mentality and untrustworthy act leaves microscopic organisms alive and they keep on duplicating, become safe and are transmitted to other people. When individuals quit utilizing the endorsed anti-toxins they utilize the additional sum for some other disease. This further intensifies the circumstance as various anti-infection agents fix various diseases. Self-drug doesn't profit the patient of cos t cutting yet it costs them higher later on. Moreover the utilization of arbitrary anti-toxins from oneself

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Two Ends of the Pen Happens When a Great Author Blogs

Two Ends of the Pen Happens When a Great Author Blogs The author of the Two Ends of the Pen blog is Debra L. Martin. She is the co-author of several fantasy and science fiction novels alongside her brother, David W. Small. Their authorship deals with dystopian future in The Path trilogy; what I would call vampire romance fiction in the Silver Cross and Silver Double Cross (still forthcoming); and their newest release, The Witchs Curse â€" a trilogy set to be completed in late 2018 or early 2019. Looking further into the author, we discover she writes romance under the pen name Debra Elizabeth, and is an extensive reviewer of self-published and indie-published novels. Also readily apparent is her affiliation with the Xpresso and GoddessFish book tours. When a new author is looking to get the word out on their novel, Debra L. Martins blog is involved in promoting the new work and making sure her readers get the first sneak peek.ContentDebras blog usually deals with material directly relevant to readers looking for a rarer read. A recent p ost on April 19, 2018 promotes an author named James Moushon, who is self-published, but whose story of a bomb plot and CIA investigation in Southern California will appeal to the readers of Robert Ludlum and other authors in the spy thriller genre. Her other posts, for the most part, follow a similar format. She finds a book, and gives her readers some quick insight into why they might like it. This shines when the author is interviewed directly. In one post with author Arthur J Gonzalez, Two Ends of the Pen gives us some interesting insight into the authors writing process and marketing strategy. This sort of inside scoop is what makes Two Ends of the Pen worthwhile â€" advice, straight from the authors mouth.On lighter days, Debra Martin blogs about topics meant to inspire the reader, or bring some interesting historical moment to their notice. Usually, these posts are made in addition to her weekly posts, and the one which I lingered on was her description of Patriots Day, which breaks down the commemoration of the battles at Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution. Posted to her blog is a short description for her readers who are not native to Massachusetts, and some reenactment pictures which could serve as a great jumping off point, or writing prompt, for authors and writers browsing her site.Debra blogs frequently. In the month of March alone, she made twenty-five posts. These were broken down across three major categories: reviews, excerpts, and interviews. What should really appeal to her viewers is the quantity of titles covered. With so many excerpts and interviews to choose from, and of such independent talent, it is easy to find an appealing novel even for those who normally veer quite mainstream in their reading tastes. I am especially fond of the excerpts, which make it quite easy to gauge ones interest in the novel, before committing to buying. Of course, each of these posts provide links to the Amazon and Smashwords pages for eac h novel, and occasionally include special sales, giveaways, or discount prices for those who purchase the book through Two Ends of the Pen.ReviewsUpon discovering Two Ends of the Pen, there are two types of people. There are those who immediately start scrolling through interviews and looking at what each independent author has to offer, and there are those who immediately think, how do I have my novel promoted like this? Debra reviews a lot of novels. Though her reviews are sometimes closed for submissions, she can be contacted any time via her e-mail, posted on her blog review policy.If you do happen to land her as a reviewer, she boasts some serious credentials. Debra Martin reviews for Goldberg McDuffle Communications, Knox Publishing, Angry Robot Publishing and FUZE Publishing, as well as a variety of other sources. She states that she gives a fair and honest review, but her reviews tend to rest on the high end of the scale, and she is clearly bias toward four and five-star rat ings on Amazon and Goodreads. Still, she does not receive compensation for her reviews, so she is able to speak her mind. She often gives details about plot, character progression, and readability in her reviews.InterviewsDebra L. Martin is an accomplished author and a whiz at marketing her material. She knows the interviewing world inside and out, and has made her presence known across the blogosphere. One interview she gave, which stands out, was for the blog Up Around the Corner on April 24, 2014. This hidden gem gives a bit of insight into how Debra writes with a co-author, and how co-authoring a work requires a writer to leave their ego at the door. She gives some good writerly advice, such as taking a break after finishing a novel, before hitting the editing grindstone; and on the importance of proper outlining (especially when working with a partner).Besides giving interviews, Debra L. Martin also interviews authors looking to make a name for themselves in the self-publishing world. Though she is currently not accepting review submissions, she is open to author interviews and can be contacted directly via her e-mail, or via her Facebook page.The Real MeatAll in all, Debras blog doesnt stand out in the blogosphere. It is one of thousands of blogs which promote authors and independent publishers. What does stand out is Debra herself. She has years upon years of experience, and she takes the time to collect resources useful to writers and authors. Near the bottom of her blog are four important sections:Author Panel DiscussionsPopular Guest PostsWorld of Symbols by Michelle SnyderRebecca Writes AboutEach of these sections of the blog contains deep dives on diverse topics related to writing and authorship, but Ill give a short synopsis of each here.Author Panel DiscussionsThese are awesome. In this short series (15 posts), Two Ends of the Pen asks a panel of authors for their opinions on questions ranging from whats your favorite part of writing a novel?? to plot or character â€" what comes first? These short posts give great insight into the opinion of multiple authors, often offering contrasting and complimentary advice on how to get the most out of your writing. This discussion offers a depth of field, and the clarity which that provides. By measuring the words of each author against the others, a reader can potentially gain a much deeper understanding of the material discussed.Popular Guest PostsThe guests on Two Ends of the Pen are as accomplished as Debra herself, and they lend their authority to the writing advice offered on the blog. There are a collection of posts by Grammar Girl, a blogger who has recently blown up, and now has a larger viewership than Two Ends of the Pen, but (and no surprise here) Debra hosted her content before it was widely known. Other topics by guest posters include Holes in History, which discusses historical fiction, and how far you can push the boundaries of realism; as well as topics like Prologue o r no Prologue; and step-by-step guides to hiring a graphic artist, and getting the best from them.World of Symbols by Michelle SnyderMichelle Snyder is popular outside of Two Ends of the Pen, and so her guest spots on the blog are wonderful reads. Most of them deal with mythology and the history behind common symbols. She details the origins of ?a green thumb? in one post and delves into the history of the zodiac signs in another. All of these are excellent reads. I can highly recommend The Truth About Midas, which was one of her first posts on the site.Rebecca Writes AboutFinally, Rebecca Writes About is a frequent contributor to Two Ends of the Pen, and famous in its own right among those in the know on the blogosphere. Her content is always awesome and should hit home with a number of authors and writers. Some posts to check out are her deep-dives on: traditional vs. indie publishing, working with a freelance editor, memorable characters, and writing with co-authors.ConclusionDeb ra L. Martin is, and will continue to be, an independent author and a capable reviewer. If you are hoping to write, edit, or promote a novel, then starting at Two Ends of the Pen will place you in good company.

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Ethical Concerns About Mrs Clintons Ties Clinton Foundation - 2750 Words

Ethical Concerns About Mrs. Clintons Ties With the Clinton Foundation (Reaction Paper Sample) Content: InstitutionNameInstructorDateEthical concerns about Mrs. Clinton, as Secretary of State, ties with Clinton FoundationIntroductionEthics is an important aspect of human life that governs peoples behaviors. Public figures and government officials should behave ethically in all their activities. However, without ethical behavior, the persons public reputation will get damaged. This is the case of Mrs. Hilary Clinton. During President Obamas first term in office, she appointed Mrs. Hillary Clinton the secretary of state from 2009to 2012. During her time as the secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton used her capacity to solicit funds for her foundation, the Clinton Foundation. She used her private email and top State Department aides to seek for donations to her foundation. This raises an ethical concern.Case DescriptionChozick, Eder (2016) noted that Mrs. Clinton and her foundation. Clinton faced accusation of favoritism towards donors of Clinton Foundation during her tenure as the secretary of state. Besides, her foundation received donations from countries that have been accused of sex discrimination, facilitating militant cells as well as other human-rights issues. These countries include Saudi Arabia that has donated between $10 -$25 million to the foundation has been accused of promoting hard-line strain of Islam and militant cells.Clinton also used her capacity to seek a donation of USD $10-$25 million from Victor Pinchuk, the son-in-law of a former Ukrainian president, Leonid Kuchma, whose government was largely accused of murder of journalists and corruption. Clintons family welcomed Mr. Pinchuk to a dinner in their home in the year 2012 when Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of States. Pinchuks company, Interpipe was allegedly involved in dumping cheap steel tube into America market (Chozick, Eder, 2016). Through private emails, Clinton used her government aides like Huma Abedin,her chief of staff to help and favor those who have donated to her f oundation. Abedin provided Clinton Foundation special donors, who have donated $25,000 to $10 million, expedited and special access to Mrs. Clinton. For instance, Huma Abedin organized a meeting between Daniel Abraham requested for a meeting with Mrs. Clinton was offered immediate access to Mrs. Clinton (Judiciary Watch, 2016). More than half of the people (at least 85 out of 154people) from private interest groups that Hilary Clinton met during her Secretary of State tenure directly donated to Clinton Foundation (Toh, 2016).Literature reviewThe Hilary Clinton ethical case is worth analyzing in ethical approaches, legal and professional perspectives. Ethically, Clinton case can be viewed in terms of Deontology (norms), axiology (values), and teleology (results). Deontological ethics as proposed by Kant provides that any human being has a universal rational duty towards others, focusing on the duty to respect humanity of others. Kant noted that every human being is inherently worthy of dignity and respect. Hence each human action should be based on rules that respect humanity (Misselbrook, 2013). Deontology explains the morality of an action in terms of non-consequentialist principles (May, 2014).On the other hand, axiological ethics are ethics of values. The ethics of values is thinking and acting in professional role, towards friends, acquaintances, enemies, family role, and in actions oriented for both long term and short term goals. This ethical perspective is focused on impacting on all areas of the human manifestation (Kowalski, 2015). Teleological ethics is a theory of morality which derives moral obligation from what is desirable as the end result achieved. Teleology holds that the criterion for determining the desired result of an action is the moral good over bad consequences such action brings (Yao Eigenmann, 2013).In terms of legal perspective, Clintons case can be viewed on federal legislations that govern ethics among government officials. Title5 CFR 2635.702of the United States Code prohibit government officials/employees from using their public office for their own personal gain, for private gain of relatives, friends, or any other person the employee has an association with in nongovernmental capacity, including even an organization the employee is a member or officer (Legal Information Institute, n.d). Therefore, Mrs. Clintons actions have direct violation of this code.Ssonko (2010) defined public service professionalism as values which encompass all values which guide the public service. These values include transparency, impartiality, loyalty, and diligence. Public Service Professionalism is focused on the notion that people who work in public service should be conversant with basic skills and shared values to conduct their duties professionally. The professionalism works through a rationale that public servants need to be fair, impartial, competent, neutral, and serve the general public interest while performing the ir duties (p.7).Primary researchThis study relied on primary research conducted through direct face-to-face interview of respondent using questionnaire forms. Six respondents were interviewed. Among the respondents, one was female while five were male. Five respondents observed that it was not right for Mrs. Clinton to use her private email to seek donation for her foundation. The respondents noted that it was unethical because she held a public officer that requires high level of morality. One respondent viewed Clinton Foundation as a private business which poses a conflict of interest. However, one respondent observed that if it was a private email which was used to seek donation, then it was right. All the six respondents also noted that government officials should not use their government aides to champion personal interest. Government aides should concentrate in serving the public. Five respondents observed that Clinton was wrong to continue associating with Clinton Foundation while she was the secretary of state. However, one respondent noted that she was right to do so if she did not use her capacity to seek government donations.Five respondents rated Clintons ethical conduct as very poor  while one respondent rated her as poor . All respondents also believe that government is not doing enough to control ethical conduct of its employees. For instance, a respondent said that Clinton is running for president instead of sitting in a jail cell.  Four respondents observed that Mrs. Clinton can improve her ethical conduct and public image by retiring from politics. One respondent noted that she should take ethical classes. One respondent noted that she should not use government backdoors for personal gains.Case analysisFrom the research it is evident that people believe that Hilary Clinton acted unethically by using her capacity as secretary of state to seek donations for her foundation. She used her capacity to champion personal interest which was a conflict of interest being that she was an influence government official. It is worth observing that Mrs. Clinton failed to observe ethics of norms, values, and results. Additionally, she violated the Title5 CFR 2635.702of the United States Code.In terms of deontology, the ethics of rights or justice, it is clear that the Clinton Foundation received donation from donor that have done injustices and violated peoples rights. For instance, her foundation received a donation of USD $10-$25 million from Victor Pinchuk, the son-in-law of a former Ukrainian president, Leonid Kuchma, whose government was largely accused of murder of journalists and corruption (Chozick, Eder, 2016). Being that by then, Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State, the senior most office in U.S., she was a powerful official in the U.S government that has the norm of fighting injustices and defending human rights that was allegedly perpetrated by Leonid Kuchma.Mrs. Clinton did not observe ethics of values or care (axiology). As the Secretary of State, her foundation received donations from donors who have been accused of facilitating violent crimes yet she was a U.S government official that should be committed to keep Americans safe. For instance, Clinton Foundation received donations from countries that have been accused of sex discrimination, facilitating militant cells as well as other human-rights issues. These countries include United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Brunei. Specifically, Saudi Arabia that has donated between $10 -$25 million to the foundation has been accused of promoting hard-line strain of Islam and militant cells (Chozick, Eder, 2016). This conflicted with Mrs. Clintons duties and responsibilities of keeping America and the whole world safe.Mrs. Clinton did not observe teleological ethics (results). Teleological ethics judge an action as morally good/right if its end results have good consequences over the bad ones. Mrs. Clintons act ions of using her capacity as the Secretary of States to arrange for meeting with donors with questionable activities would eventually lead to evil consequences over the moral good. It is worth noting that Clintons family welcomed Mr. Pinchuk to a dinner in their home in the year 2012 when Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of States (Chozick, Eder, 2016). It is likely that the friendship between Clintons family and Mr. Pinchuk could have led to the alleged dumping of a cheap steel tube on the Americ...